Who We Are:  Renewable Natick is a community of activists concerned about the quality of life on Earth for future generations.  We meet regularly to look for and promote ways that everyone – residents, business owners, town agencies – can adopt a pathway that will lead to 100% renewable energy sources, to phase out fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.  We are Renewable Natick, and we are on a mission to change the world, starting in our own back yard.

Our Campaign Vision:
– Natick powered by 100% renewable energy, rather than by fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.

– Energy that is locally sourced and produced, contributing to the resiliency of our local economy.
– A healthy climate for future generations of human and non-human life on planet Earth, our common home.

Campaign Steps To Date:
RESOLUTION  – PASSED!  We campaigned for the adoption of an official and actionable resolution by our town government, presented and overwhelmingly approved at the Fall 2018 Town Meeting.  This Resolution empowers our Sustainability Coordinator and Sustainability Committee to outline and advance ambitious plans for renewable energy.

COMMUNITY AGGREGATION CONTRACT – RENEWABLE PERCENTAGE INCREASED!  We advocated for the Board of Selectmen to increase the renewable content of the Town’s default electricity source option, and to include a 100% choice as well. This new contract began July 1, 2019.

OPT UP! PROMOTION – IN PROGRESS!  We are currently using lawn signs, flyers, and bookmarks to raise awareness of the new Community Aggregation contract and its 100% option.

Additional Beneficial Outcomes:
– Natick has joined the many towns in Massachusetts that are leading this move; We hope our Commonwealth of Massachusetts will lead our nation to transition to renewable energy sources, contributing to a global effort.
– We are building relationships with like-minded groups, leaders, and concerned citizens, strengthening our capacity for future environmental and social justice initiatives in our town.

Why is shifting to renewable energy important?  Here’s a 5-minute explanation: